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26 January 2011 @ 12:36 pm
I have a rec liiist  
Here it is! Fair warning; it's mostly going to be Ryan/Brendon.

The Hammond Affair by queensheep
A geneticist, a palaeontologist, an advertising executive, a geologist and a doctor all walk into a bar. Or rather, a tropical island. What do they all have in common?
Alex/Cash. Frank/Gerard. Jon/Gerard. Jon/Spencer/Tom. Ryan/Brendon. Pete/Patrick. (more various)

Screaming Down the Starlit Sky by faded_memories
A Sixteen Candles AU series.
Brendon/Ryan, Gerard/Frank, Mike/Tom, Butcher/Siska, Jon/Spencer, Tom/Alex G., Cash/Marshall, Pete/Patrick [Others will be added as their stories are posted.]

Good Boys by arsenic
In the beginning—and it really is a bit biblical like that--Brendon causes Ryan's head to hurt. Ryan tells himself it's because the guy never fucking stills, but really it's because Ryan doesn't exactly want him to, and that's like nothing Ryan has ever known before.

Made of Silver, Not Clay by unphoenix
Brendon wakes up to a world devoid of people. At least, most people.
Sequels: Missed Your Skin When You Were East & After All is Said and Done

Fighting Just to Breathe by miss_begonia
This is just your average story of yoga, self-actualization and sexual liberation.
Sequel: Come Back to the Place You Are

Grace by flash_indie
In which Brendon is an actor, and Ryan writes him the script of his career.

Ryan Ross: Wedding Planner (What We Do Is Love) by adellyna
Ryan plans weddings! Just not gay weddings. Ok, maybe just this once.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by sourmoonfacce
Wedded bliss isn't all it's cracked up to be. The trials and tribulations of loving one person and being married to another.
Ryan/Brendon. Ryan/Keltie.

Life's A Song by insunshine
In which Ryan is a stripper.
Ryan/Brendon. (Ryan/Pete. Slight Ryan/Jon.)

Love Story by staciscribbles
Brendon and Ryan are in love. It's not enough.

Abomination by repulsive_x
Brendon develops a little crush on the pastors son.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Strictly Business by zarah5
Cruel Intentions meets Romeo & Juliet meets the summary of a Mills & Boon novel. Consider yourself suitably warned and be prepared to suspend your disbelief.
Ryan/Brendon. (Spencer/Shane. Jon/Cassie.)

Vanity by sateenmusta
Waking up when it’s not dark isn’t that bad. Waking up to an odd world where time doesn’t exist and the real world is painstakingly close but still so far, well, that’s another matter…
Ryan/Brendon. (other various)

Brilliant Smiles and Barely Scraping By by nepenthe
Brendon's holding something inside of himself. It's far from his heart; that's where his favorite songs are kept. What he keeps secret is held in a place that Brendon himself doesn't even want to try to find.

We Are Robots by kelly96
Panic gets a Twitter.
Spencer/Bob. Ryan/Brendon.

Books on the Bedspread in Languages No-One Knows by heartscientist
The artcollege/christmas au!

Could Be Someone by arsenic
We're all just trying to get by.

For Keeps by liketheroad
He sees Ryan, and Brendon knows that Ryan would be like one of those t-shirts that's been washed way too many times, so worn-through it's almost translucent, with a few real holes showing through to skin, but soft. Soft and just the perfect fit, clinging to your skin in all the right places.
Ryan/Brendon. Mikey/Ray.

Reinvent Love ('Cause I Can't Get Enough of Yours, Babe) by marksykins
Which album would you use to seduce a person of the opposite sex?

"I guess this sounds typical, but clearly Barry White. He's the master of seduction."

And which one would you use to seduce someone of the same sex?

"The same (laughs)."

Mouth To Mouth by selectivelyurie
When Brendon wakes up he can’t say anything...because they only thing he can say is 'Ryan'.

Sexy Little Things by jekyll_my_hyde
Brendon's managed to keep his little kink private.

The Sound of Settling by ivesia19
A look, a glimpse, a peek, at a relationship. Just four scenes, four locations, four seasons, and two boys.

December Will Be Magic Again by lifeslushlips
it didn't come as any surprise that christmas was brendon's favorite time of year. - an office!au

Drink Me by cest_what
Steampunk AU. The worst thing was that Ryan, the boy with the newsboy cap and the shy smile, didn't know about the love potion.

Totally Not A Skin Care Commercial by wayincognito
A high school AU loosely based on events from the movie Clueless.
Jon/Spencer. Ryan/Brendon.

The Witness by distractionz
"Who would you rather be?" Ryan asked. "The murderer, the victim, or the witness?"

This Is A Love Song In My Own Way by theswearingkind
Mobsters and hoodies and Vegas, oh my! AU.
Pete/Patrick. Ryan/Brendon.

Brendon Urie: Pet Detective by selectivelyurie
Ryan Ross is the new kennel attendant at Thompson & Thompson Vet Clinic. When he meets his co-worker, Jon Walker, they begin to discover dogs disappearing from their kennels. When Ryan's own dog, Hobo, goes missing, Jon Walker knows exactly who to call.

Unreliable Narrators by redbrickrose
Ryan Ross’s first rule for narrating your own life is that you don’t always have to be the focus. You have to be the protagonist obviously, but not the focus. Sometimes narrative distance is necessary for self-preservation. The first rule is always self-preservation.

Red Letter Moments by paraserpiente
If goddamned Ryan Ross hadn't turned eighteen, things would have continued on just dandy. But life, much as we'd like to believe it, is no fairy tale, even in faraway lands and distant futures

Dear Catastrophe Waiter by cloviswest
AU. 21 year old Brendon moves to San Francisco, home of gay coffee bars, free donuts, and Ryan the prettiest waiter Brendon's ever seen.

A Wave You Glide In On by scoradh
Popular kid Brendon Urie asks geeking newspaper writer Ryan out to make his ex girlfriend jealous.

First Tell Me Which Road You Will Take by welltimedsmiles
maybe this is what it’s like when you fall out of love or the one where Ryan and Brendon chose to make it better. AU.

Spilled Ink by artic_grey
Two relationships on the doorstep of something new, one tattoo shop, one mistake, one bundle of cells (Spencer refuses to call it a baby), and four men trying to come to terms with change.
Spencer/Jon. Ryan/Brendon.

Footsteps in the Snow by artic_grey
Fantasy AU. In Brendon’s world, all men are missing their halves and are doomed never to find them. But, one day, Brendon hears a voice in his head, and it is not his own.

So Perfectly Placed by mandy_croyance
In the not too distant future, Brendon Urie caves to his parents’ pressures and gets married.

Put My Enemies To Sleep by theaerosolkid
"I will get us through this," he said fiercely. "As I always have. And as always, I will drag you along, kicking and screaming, and in the end, you will thank me." Retracing the Panic timeline from Summerlin to the Summer Tour.

You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Oddly Specific Call Number by ivesia19
Library AU! The one where a cynical Ryan just may want a happy ending with the new Children’s Librarian, Spencer doesn’t want things to change – especially his card catalogue, and Gerard wants more than his books to be checked out.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Give Me a Sign by redorchids
Sign language. Ryan Ross doing sign language. With those hands. In front of Brendon.

Paper Jam by spazzyskittles
This is the one where Ryan’s an accountant and Brendon’s a copy boy.

Fever by redorchids
Brendon is sick. Ryan makes him feel better.

Everyday's Most Quiet Need by lady_deathangel
It's epically unfair. It's totally and epically unfair and Brendon is going to make Zack make a rule that if Brendon can't smoke, nobody can smoke. Because it's seriously, seriously not fair at all.
Gen-ish. Implied Ryan/Brendon & Jon/Spencer

There's a Good Reason the Victorians Were Fucked Up, Honey, You Just Haven't Realised It Yet by redorchids
After seven years, Ryan's intentions begin to slowly shift when it comes to Brendon.

Bartering Lines by flimsy
“Hey, hey," Brendon says and pulls at Ryan's sleeve, tugging a little until Ryan rolls his eyes and looks up from his book. He tilts a brow at him, and Brendon bites his lip, and then crawls onto the tiny couch, curling his legs under him.

By Super, I Mean You by artic_grey
When they dropped the exclamation mark, Brendon suggested that they should change the entire name to Awesome Mutant Freaks at the Disco, but the others wouldn’t let him. He then suggested The Charmed Ones Plus Jon at the Disco, but that was rejected as well.

I, Robot (Machines Just Wanna Have Fun) by cest_what
Ryan isn't actually a robot. Maybe. It's complicated.

Lucky For You by autumnfades
Spencer's an accountant, Brendon's a kindergarten teacher.
Spencer/Jon. Ryan/Brendon.

Catching Airplanes by zarah5
If I've forgotten how to sing before I've sung this song / I'll write it all across the wall before my job is done. (Northern Downpour AU)

As Close as it Gets to Home by airgiodslv
Telepath police consultant AU.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer. Gerard/Frank.

Coffee by myheartradio
Ryan is a misanthropic Starbucks barista who is a tired insomniac and just wants to be left alone. Then Brendon moves in.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

It's Hard to be Something That You Don'T Think You Are by silentalarmxx
Blind!Ryan and Past-Abuse!Brendon.

The Rift in the Lute by jocondite
Indie Coffeehouse AU. Enough said.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Let The Good Times Roll by softlyforgotten
This is a college au in which Panic! never formed. And, uh, Brendon and Jon had never met Ryan and Spencer.

Jon's Bookstore I & Jon's Bookstore II by foxxcub
A funeral is really the wrong place to learn you've inherited a business.
Jon/Spencer. Frank/Gerard. Ryan/Brendon. Pete/Patrick.

The Visitor by artic_grey
Brendon escaped the dying town he grew up in, and he made it: sold out venues, magazine covers, sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. Struggling with depression and alcoholism, he begins to visit the place he tried so hard to get away from, seeing the life he could have had, visiting the one person he never could have.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Brendon.

Perfectly After All by awakeunafraid
The renfaire AU.

Conversations With Dead People by awakeunafraid
Ryan/Brendon. (Ryan/Spencer. Brendon/Jon.)

Iron, Neon Lights & Weed / Kites, Bass Lines & Heat [Epilogue] by artic_grey
The official, final epilogue to Iron, Neon Lights & Weed and Kites, Bass Lines & Heat. Set eight or so months after the end. (links to both stories on page)
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Cicatrice & Overshadowed by sateenmusta
His name is Ryan Ross, well, George Ryan Ross III to be exact, but everyone knows him as Scar. [Overshadowed is the sequel]

Hold You in My Arms by softlyforgotten
'all we need is a little bit of momentum/break down these walls that we've built around ourselves'. A Circus AU.

The Clock On the Wall Has Been Stuck For Days by battie_hattie
Ryan Ross is a college student working at a women's clothing store. He lives with his roommate, Spencer Smith, another college student who works at a call center. One night, he has the mischance of falling, right into one Brendon Urie, a hairstylist from across the quad. Along with their mutual friend, Jon Walker from the card shop, a story of love ensues.

Two of Cups by moku_youbi
The circus is coming to town.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Lines in the Sand by iamtheenemy
“Hey,” the Sultan grinned, stretching out a hand that Ryan shook. “Nice to meet you.” He eyed Ryan’s boots, jeans, jean jacket and bandana uncertainly. “Are you in costume?” A University of Illinois AU
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

It's Warmer When the Rum's Gone by impertinence
It's the high seas at an indeterminate point in history. Gruesome Gerard and Lyn-z face off in a contest of who will be the dominant do-gooder, with Ray the cook, Mikey the first mate, Pete the stowaway, Frank the failed ninja, and assorted others falling over in the background. In short: pirate AU!
Frank/Gerard. Mikey/Ray. Pete/Patrick. Brendon/Ryan. Gabe/Greta.

Dance Upon the Waves by ignipes
Brendon swears this is the last time he's going to take treasure-hunting advice from a giant turtle.

Measured Time (three to the left, four to the right.) by talkinmaths
Brendon climbs the ladder behind Ryan reluctantly, and Ryan would give all his father’s estate to bet that he was already making plans to save him. Or, well, both of them, but mainly Ryan.

The Width of a Circle by theaerosolkid
'An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an external and unbalanced force.' Patrick watches the pieces fall together.

Nerds In Love by choclitbunny
The Geek Squad AU.

and separate the walls from all the nails by circulation
an extremely self-indulgent "panic-at-the-disco-are-the-beatles" fic.
GSF. Ryan/Brendon.

But Where Do The Nuns Come In? by elucreh
In which, Brendon's family do their best, Ryan goes camping, Spencer mocks from afar, and Brendon is fascinated by Ryan's flies.

Roll Off Your Tongue by longtime_lurker
Brendon Urie is a big damn rockstar and plays eight different instruments and cannot for the life of him get this fucking hotel room door open.

Over the Ice, Now by sateenmusta
AU. Brendon's little sister Alexa does figure skating. One day Brendon has to go pick her up from practice, and he notices her skating coach, a slim guy in black skates… Too bad the skating coach happens to be straight. But hey, Brendon has to try…

For Anyone, Ever Burned So Bright by softlyforgotten
Ryan likes Brendon, and he likes secrets, and he doesn’t want the two to be mutually exclusive.

What Happens When Two Substances Collide by softlyforgotten
park that car/drop that phone/sleep on the floor/dream about me. AU.

You Could by savvygambols
“We should have a beard growing contest,” says Brendon, snapping his fingers. A winter of school work would be unbearable. They need an extracurricular.

When the Sun Met the Moon by okubyo_kitsune
Ryan sees the boy from beyond the glass wall.

Five Times Ryan Tries to Propose (And the One Time He Does by behindthec
Ryan is maybe kind of a colossal idiot.

Chasing the Shadows Away(Opening the Door to Romance Again) by compozrnpostur
It had been about five to six months since Brendon and Ryan had been intimate with each other and in Brendon’s eyes, this was way too long.

Until It Isn't by gingerrstar
When Ryan turns seventeen, he lets some guy fuck him after a show.

different mornings (it must not always be so; and i say) by preromantics
Ryan's life is all habit, except when it's not. Set after the break up of the band.

Hey Moon, Please Forget to Fall Down by delete_entry
"Why on Earth did you let them convince you to do this, Spencer?" she asked in patient tone with wisdom beyond her years. The other girls just glared venomously at Spencer, all in various stages of undressed, pressing towels to bare skin.

"We're friends," Spencer echoed with a shrug, still not knowing exactly what those words meant. "That's what friends do."

Jon/Spencer. Ryan/Brendon. Tom/Greta.

Seasickness by peopleexisting
AU. A cruise ship is set to take the rich and famous around a few Caribbean islands. Ryan and Spencer work on the ship, tending to one of the filthy rich guests each -- and those particular filthy rich guests just happen to be Brendon and Jon.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Five At His Fingertips by corpsematerial
Two is company. Four is a band. But five is a homicidal maniac. So five? Meet four.
Ryan/Brendon. Jon/Spencer.

Frosted Friends and Business Ventures; William's Bakery by lemmethink_nooo
William owns a bakery in Chicago. AU
William/Travis. Pete/Patrick. Brendon/Ryan. Jon/Spencer. Gabe/Vicky-T.

a horse named northern downpour by forgotnsuitcase
this is not the story of how the west was won
Ryan/Brendon. Gabe/Greta. Jon/Spencer.

More to come when I feel up to it!